HLC®-723GX Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer


Tosoh Bioscience’s HLC-723GX, automated glycohemoglobin analyzer is the latest addition in the Tosoh HPLC family that continues to set the standard for diabetes diagnosis and monitoring. The HLC-723GX offers all the qualities of Tosoh's best-in-class HLC-723G8 analyzer, for low volume HbA1c testing requirements. The HLC-723GX produces stable HbA1c results with variant detection in 2.2 minutes and generates the first result in 6.6 minutes.

The HLC-723GX offers exceptional operational simplicity for the user. Tosoh Bioscience's HLC-723GX is an easy to use system adapted to handle low volume with supreme quality and precision.


  • Based on gold standard HPLC technology
  • Fully automated analyzer minimizes operator intervention
  • Fast results in 2.2 minutes
  • Inter-assay and intra-assay CV< 2% for HbA1c allowing excellent patient management
  • Primary tube sampling with cap piercing
  • Barcode reader for sample identification
  • Offers flexibility to meet laboratory's requirements
  • Different types and sizes of primary tubes as well as secondary tubes can be loaded
  • Bi-directional communication possibility
  • User friendly operations to minimize operator error
  • Reliable and precise results
  • Easy and intuitive software
  • Touch screen operations
  • Based on reference method used in the DCCT (Diabetes Control and Complications Trial)
  • NGSP and IFCC certified


  • Mid-sized laboratories
  • Mid-sized hospitals
  • Physician office laboratories


  • Width: 370 mm
  • Depth: 525 mm
  • Height: 482 mm
  • Weight: 25.0 kgs