AIA-900® Automated Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer


Tosoh Bioscience's AIA-900 is the new generation standalone, flexible and fully scalable high throughput immunoassay analyzer. The AIA-900 is a new addition to the Tosoh family of AIA analyzers and has a throughput of 90 tests per hour. It is available in 3 different models: AIA-900 loader model; the AIA-900 with 9-tray sorter; and AIA-900 with 19-tray sorter. The three models are designed to provide a unique opportunity to laboratories to grow with their testing volumes. This is an excellent solution for mid-size laboratories, that can start with the loader model and add 9 or19 tray sorter to increase their testing capacity.

The AIA-900 features fully automated daily maintenance and record keeping, automatic inventory management and automated pre-treatment (for assays that require this step). In addition, the analyzer features a wide touch screen panel and user friendly interface, allowing easy access to most of the controls from the screen. Multiple robotic arms, new staging platforms and mechanical adjustments speed the overall sample processing. Tosoh Bioscience's AIA-900 is an ideal system for laboratories looking for a dynamic, robust and reliable, fully automated walkaway immunoassay system.



  • Fully automated immunoassay analyzer
  • Throughput of 90 tests/hour
  • Continuous loading random access system
  • Fluorescence enzyme immunoassay
  • Freeze dried chemistry format
  • Unit Dose Test Cup (UDTC) technology
  • 10 minutes reaction time for most assays
  • First result within 20 minutes
  • 90 days calibration stability
  • Fast reporting
  • Bar-coded primary tube sampling
  • Dual clot detector
  • Automated pretreatment
  • Automated dilution from 2 to 1000
  • Dedicated STAT facility
  • Simple touch screen operation

AIA-900 with 9-Tray Sorter (additional features)

  • Load 9 trays (20 cups/tray)
  • Increased walkaway time - load 180 test cups
  • Load 100 patient samples

AIA-900 with 19-Tray Sorter (additional features)

  • Load 19 trays (20 cups/tray)
  • Maximize walkaway time - load 380 test cups
  • Load 100 patient samples



  • Medium to large hospitals
  • Reference laboratories
  • Large clinics
  • AIA-900 is suitable to handle a work load of 100 to 300 tests/day. 



AIA-900 Loader Model

  • Width: 890 mm
  • Depth: 665 mm
  • Height: 642 mm
  • Weight: 122.5 kgs

AIA-900 + 9-tray Sorter

  • Width: 1290 mm
  • Depth: 665 mm
  • Height: 642 mm
  • Weight: 163 kgs

AIA-900 + 19-tray Sorter

  • Width: 1520 mm
  • Depth: 665 mm
  • Height: 1247 mm
  • Weight: 273 kgs