Prenatal Risk Assessment Software Based On Indian Medians

Even before a woman becomes pregnant, parents-to-be wonder about the health of their child. The promise of foretelling the health of the developing baby presents new demands and challenges on the clinical laboratories, obstetricians and patients. Obstetricians and gynecologists prefer to liaison with the clinical laboratory that assess the potential risk of congenital disorders with fairly detailed and meaningful explanation through Triple Marker Screen program. Triple Marker Screen identifies the pregnancies that may have a risk of developing Down Syndrome, Trisomy 18 & Open Spina Bifida to justify consideration of further confirmatory diagnostic tests like detailed ultrasound examination of the fetus and amniocentesis, followed by Karyotyping & F.I.S.H.

In Triple Marker Screening, patient’s clinical information and laboratory test results needs to be assembled and combined based on scientific evidence to yield a computed risk of presence of three congenital disorders. To evaluate this data; “PregSafe”, the prenatal risk assessment software has been developed. PregSafe interprets the biochemical results using Indian Mean Of Medians (MoM). It quickly interprets and accomplishes exactly what clinicians and patients demand in minimum Turn Around Time (TAT).


  • Interpretation based on Indian medians
  • Unique Rh factor correction for MoM
  • Offline Software
  • Graphical reports which are simple to understand
  • Provides age dependent risk for Down Syndrome
  • Single page reporting format
  • Compatible with AccuLite and AccuBind TripleScreen kit, a dedicated VAST kit for triple marker screening