Marketing Support

Erstwhile Lilac Medicare, now Tosoh India Pvt. Ltd. introduced in the Indian market a plethora of innovative concepts, products and marketing tools which were unprecedented and unheard of, thus breaking the shackles of the conservative beliefs and mindsets.

The conviction behind the need-reality analysis gap and “out of the box” approach changed the perception of the customers, created a niche market, established the brand and added value to the products.

The company lives by the adage, “marketing is a battle of perceptions.” In this modern era of seismic shifts in needs and business requirements the role of marketing cannot be denied; this critical business function at Tosoh India undertakes a variety of tasks to build knowledge, customer relationship and other skill sets needed to change the perceptions of customers.

Pivoting itself on the three fundamental pillars of Knowledge, Innovation and Support, the dedicated Marketing Team ensures segment driven focus, profitability and desired results. The team of product management focuses on brand building, building demand, brand awareness and adding value to all the brands. Many of the unique marketing concepts like the “Democracy in Immunoassays” have made reaching out to customers impactful and meaningful. Its engaging and compelling contents without the fluff established the substance in the products and achieved the meritocracy in the eyes of the customer.

In our interconnected and perpetually connected world, it becomes increasingly harder to distinguish brand. Competition is fierce and the playing field gets smaller and smaller as the social media breaks down access and boundaries. So when it comes to developing and growing business and brand, nothing will ever replace the value of marketing for the company and its services with face to face customer interactions. Tosoh India understands this fact and delivers magnificently its brand image through its sales team, building a long lasting relationship through coherent messages and multi-dimensional service approach.

This integrated business nerve centre of the company constantly churns out creative marketing concepts, tangible marketing tools for our innovative product lines.

Some of the MARKETING CONCEPTS at Tosoh India:

  • Democracy in Immunoassays: Empowering local laboratories to initiate Immunoassays with technology within reach.

  • Customer Experience Cycle (CEC): Delivering experiences and not merely communications.

  • Customer Loyalty Appreciation Program (CLAP): A unique way to reciprocate the commitment of the organization to serve the needs of the customers.
    • Laboratory Empowerment Action Program (LEAP)
    • Assistance in Implementing GLP (Good Laboratory Practice)
    • Wet workshops and training
    • Management training and workshops
    • Labvoice: Laboratory inputs for clinician and patients
    • Technician training support
    • Patient education support program
    • Student support program

  • ParaWorld Training Program: Fluorescence Microscopy for Tuberculosis detection.

Some of the INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS at Tosoh India:

  • Radiance: Semi Automated CLIA Plate Analyzer. Radiance is designed to inculcate the concept of democracy in immunoassays and to empower the clinical laboratories to initiate immunoassay testing.

  • HLC-723G8: Based on Gold standard non-porous column ion-exchange HPLC. State-of-the-art technological breakthrough from Tosoh Corporation.

  • NanoPlex: MultiPlex NanoELISA - Single Well, Multiple Parameters for ToRCH Diagnosis

  • AccuBind Universal Kit: Streptavidin Biotin Based common Elisa platform for quantitative estimation of 32 frequently prescribed immunoassays from one kit.

  • AccuLite CLIA Master Kit System: Enables to perform more than 30 parameters in one kit.

  • AIA Test Cups: The Freeze dried reagent format in Unit Dose Test Cup offers high reagent stability and calibration stability.

  • 25-OH Vitamin D2/D3 Technology Platforms:
    Alegria-D: Walk away dedicated automated system for Vitamin-D (25-OH Vitamin D2/D3) detection.

  • UNITEST: Pre-filled reagent cartridge for Vitamin D diagnosis in smallest conceivable pack-size starting from 10 Tests.

  • Vitamin D-IR: Irreversible technology based 25-OH Vitamin D2/D3 detection by ELISA and CLIA.

Some of the MARKETING TOOLS at Tosoh India:

  • Visual Aids: Building value on face to face interaction
  • TIPAP: Tosoh India Professional Assistance Program
  • Technical dossier
  • Technical aid
  • Reference charts
  • Reference wheel
  • Immunoassay trouble shooting guide
  • Triple Marker software (PregSafe)
  • Monographs
  • Technology holograms
  • Viability sheets
  • Promotional flyers
  • Customer qualification sheets
  • Comprehensive transparent proposals

Please refer to the product sections for further information.

You may reach out to our Marketing Team at:

Telephone: +91 22 614 85200
E-mail: [email protected]