Why Tosoh India?

Our Asset, Our People

Business requires tangible and intangible assets to generate wealth on a sustainable basis. Capital assets refer to products, technology, machinery, funds etc. Intangible assets are human elements. Capital assets are important, but corporate success is governed by the human elements. Difference between successful and less successful organizations lies in the human elements: availability of talent in the organization, cumulative knowledge pool, involvement of people and their orientation towards the broad corporate objective.

Tosoh India Pvt. Ltd. has been made by its people. Our strongest competitive edge lies in our team. We at Tosoh India believe that “Human Resources” are most valuable assets of this organization, hence is an area of high focus and importance. Keeping this view in mind, Tosoh India would like to focus consistently on sharpening the skill levels of its people, upgrade technical, operational as well as management knowledge level and competencies.

Tosoh India believes in “Career Development”. Career development is a continual effort to match long-term individual and organizational needs. Tosoh India has an enabling environment that fosters competence, commitment and results, and a performance driven culture focused on improving values of individual members. To realize this vision, the company invests in HR activities. The sole purpose of HR in this company is to take care of its most important resource – the people of Tosoh India.

Tosoh India Commits To:

  • To provide long term careers, not merely jobs
  • To provide people a performance driven transparent culture
  • To offer people fresh, congenial and an excellent working environment
  • To help its people increase awareness and conceptual abilities pertaining to the science of management
  • To employ and build a superlative pool of talents.
  • To provide a knowledge driven learning atmosphere
  • That every employee will be treated with dignity and respect, in a fair, consistent and equitable manner
  • To create a stimulating, enabling and supportive work atmosphere
  • To aid and encourage employees in realizing their full potential
  • To contribute towards building a better nation
  • To keep its commitments