Alegria® Fully Automated Analyzer for Autoiummune Diagnostics

Alegria-low-res.jpg INTRODUCTION

Alegria® is a fully automated analyzer dedicated for autoimmune diagnostics. It provides a fully automated process for the detection of autoantibodies with a degree of flexibility. It is a random access analyzer based on the Sensotronic Memorized Calibration (SMC®) technology with all the required reagents contained in a strip with calibration and product data encoded in the bar-code.

With Alegria, the user is able to conduct special diagnostic procedures tailored to the requirements of the facility. Each patient sample may be handled as an individual test and requires only minimal effort.

Alegria provides complete flexibility and one of the widest menu in Autoimmune diagnostics covering rheumatology, thrombosis, gastroenterology, vasculitis, thyroid, diabetes panels and others.

Alegria is ideal for large hospitals, referral laboratories, large rheumatologist clinic based laboratories.


  • Each microplate test strip with SMC Technology (Sensotronic Memorized Calibration) includes a complete set of reagents for testing the individual sample.
  • Every test strip contains all of the reagents needed to test an individual sample: sample buffer, conjugate and substrate.
  • SMC Technology: All test data are transferred to the system through individual bar-codes.
    The SMC coding comprises information about the respective product names, lot-specific and complete standard curve, limit values for the internal cut-off control and the recalculation algorithm, as well as production information for the test strip and its expiry date.
  • This information technology guarantees that only tests meeting most challenging quality requirements are implemented.


  • Fully automated analyzer dedicated for autoimmune diagnostics
  • Random access allows unrestricted sample selection
  • Based on advance SMC® Technology – Sensotronic Memorized Calibration
  • One strip is equal to one test with all reagents prefilled and test details in a bar-code
  • Bar-code contains calibration detail, control cut offs, product expiry and manufacturing details
  • Every sample is validated with its own control
  • Temperature controlled incubation unit ensures reproducible and accurate results
  • Capable to test 30 samples in one run
  • One of the widest test menu with more than 100 test parameters available
  • Internal and external bar code reader
  • Bi-directional interfacing
  • Wide LCD touch screen with user friendly software


Medical Design Excellence Awards® 2005

ORGENTEC Diagnostika, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers in the diagnostic market for autoimmune diseases, was awarded with the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) 2005 for developing the new and highly innovative diagnostic instrument Alegria.


  • Width: 800 mm
  • Length: 570 mm
  • Height: 703 mm
  • Weight: 53 kgs